Angga Dwiartama

Angga Dwiartama
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

I am an ecologist/geographer by training, working in the field of agriculture, food and environment. I graduated from the Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago (NZ), and I am now employed as Assistant Professor at the School of Life Sciences and Technology, ITB, Indonesia. My research focuses on multiple aspects of agrifood studies: value chain, environmental governance, Alternative Food Networks (AFNs), food security-sovereignty-justice nexus, and resilience, with a study area in Indonesia, and interests in commodities such as rice, coffee, cocoa, and dairy products. In my studies, I mainly use post-structural political economy approaches [actor-network theory, assemblage, governmentality, theory of practice]. I am also currently the Head of Graduate Program in Biomanagement at ITB, an interdisciplinary master’s program that combines ecology, economics, and social sciences towards sustainable bio-resource management practices.
I am keen to collaborate with other scholars who share similar research and academic interests.
Selected publications

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