AFRN Guidelines


1. Membership

a) Members are required to be researchers, students or other persons with an active interest in social science aspects of agriculture and food.

b) Membership of the AFRN is defined as being all those persons attending the previous year’s Conference, have registered for the current year’s Conference, or otherwise are on the email list maintained by the Convenor.

c) There are no membership fees.

2. Office Holders

There are four office-holders in the AFRN:

a) Convenor. The role of the convenor is to communicate with the membership, and to provide a point of contact between the Network and the outside world. The convenor chairs meetings of the Network, and is required to present a report on AFRN activities as requested.

b) Deputy convenor. The role of the deputy convenor is to work with the convenor as mutually agreed, and to fulfil the convenor’s role in the event of the convenor not being able to conduct his/her duties.

c) Returning officer. The role of the returning officer is to conduct elections for all office-holders. The returning officer’s tenure is limited to one term of two years only. The returning officer determines the timing and conduct of elections. In the event of the returning officer not being able to undertake his/her responsibilities, the convenor will appoint an acting returning officer.

d) Webmaster. The role of the Webmaster is to be responsible for the AFRN website, in consultation with the convenor.

3. Elections

a) All executive positions are filled by election, the conduct of which is determined by the Returning Officer in consultation with the membership. The term of all positions is two years, defined flexibly to coincide with annual AFRN conferences. With the exception of the returning officer’s position, office-holders are eligible to re-contest their positions bi-annually, for a maximum of six years.

b) The returning officer is to circulate information on elections to the membership via email. This should include a call for nominations and the details of the elections. The usual practice will be for elections to be held during the course of the Business Meeting of the annual conference.

4. Changes to these rules

a) Changes to these rules can be made through resolution and vote at a meeting of the AFRN, or via an email plebiscite as determined by the returning officer.

b) These rules are to be posted on the AFRN website.

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