History of the AFRN

At the time of the Network’s formation there was no arena for agri-food researchers, from different disciplinary backgrounds, to gain insights from one another. These original purposes, listed above, continue to remain central to the Network. In the intervening period, the Network has grown in size and scope. The AFRN annual Conferences usually bring together more than 100 researchers from disciplines as diverse as geography, sociology, anthropology, economics, health, cultural studies, law and business. Scholars work in universities, the public service, NGOs and community sector. While most researchers come from Australia or New Zealand, conferences also have an international flavour, involving participants from an array of countries, both in the developed and developing worlds. Notwithstanding its growth, the AFRN remains true to its original formulation, that is to provide an ever-changing ‘plate’ of agri-food delights from which members might nibble. Network conferences are designed as convivial events and are very welcoming of newcomers. Post-graduate students, early career researchers and food/agriculture/rural ‘research practitioners’ from public and community sectors are especially welcome to participate in these annual events.

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