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New publications

Congratulations to our colleagues  Andrea Brower and Ferne Edwards on the publication of their respective books.

Andrea Brower’s Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility examines the “the social and historical conditions by which the chemical-seed oligopoly came to occupy the most geographically isolated islands in the world and made the soils of Hawaiʻi the epicenter of agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology testing” (West Virginia University Press). The book is available as a paperback or eBook.

Ferne Edwards’ Food Resistance Movements: Journeying Through Alternative Food Networks traces her research on food waste (Australia), the food sovereignty movement (Venezuela), and autonomous food spaces (Catalonia), with reflections on urban food system transitions, over almost two decades now as one book. She has dedicated this book to Jane Dixon, her PhD supervisor and friend, and Paul Martin, a close friend who introduced her to dumpster diving and food activism in general. The book is available as a hardcover or eBook.