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SEMINAR TODAY (28 April, 2.30pm NZT): Change in Papua New Guinea’s Fresh Food Marketplaces Over the Past 60 Years

Fresh food marketplaces are vital to food security, livelihoods, and the national economy in Papua New Guinea. They are spaces of both strong continuity with the past, but also of considerable transformation, particularly in the last 20 years. Marketplaces have spread geographically, and operate more often. There have also been shifts in what is being sold, and who is selling the produce, including the gender composition of vendors. Market chains have also grown in complexity.

In this seminar, based on a recently published paper in Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies, Dr Mark Busse and colleagues bring together research on marketplaces from 1961 to 2022, based on their own field studies and an extensive review of the literature. Dr Busse and colleagues will summarise the changes, examine their causes, and explore their development implications.

The seminar is hosted by the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU and will be synchronously Zoom linked to the University of Papua New Guinea.

Registration is still open! To register, visit the registration page.