New Zealand Special Issue Antipodean Agrifood Futures

Thanks to a sterling effort by the folk at Palmerston North, a special issue of New Zealand Sociology has been published. The papers in this special edition were presented at Agrifood 2012, and now its great to see them in print.

Congratulations to the editors and authors!

New Zealand Sociology Volume 28 Issue 4 2013
Journal of the Sociological Association of Aotearoa
New Zealand Special Issue Antipodean Agrifood Futures

Special Issue Editors: Corrina Tucker, Carolyn Morris and Michael Roche


Pg 3. Special Issue: Antipodean Agrifood Futures
Corrina Tucker, Carolyn Morris and Michael Roche


Pg 9. Imagining New Futures: Kaitiakitanga and Agri-Foods
Margaret Forster

Pg 33. How are Genetic Enclosures Shaping the Future of the Agrifood Sector?
Claire Parfitt

Pg 59. Healthy food, on whose terms? Negotiating new boundaries between food and medicine.
Alison Henderson

Pg 80. Agri-food activism and the imagination of the possible
Andrea Brower

Pg 101. Insects, offal, feet and faces: acquiring new tastes in New Zealand?
Corrina Tucker

Pg 123. Is ‘local food’ Sustainable? Localism, social justice, equity and sustainable food futures
Rebecca Duell

Pg 145. Final Word: Putting the “Alter” in Alternative Food Futures
Michael Carolan

The special issue has been sent to Nat Library:

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