Convenorship of Agrifood

A message from Dr Carol Richards, current Convenor of Agrifood.

A while back, I flagged that I would not stand for re-election as Agrifood Convenor at this year’s conference/business meeting. This will be the end of a four year term, which has been a joy and privilege I must say, and time to elect someone new to the role. To date we have been fairly Aus-centric, so I am encouraging New Zealanders and Australian’s alike to consider nominating for the role. If you are even mildly interested or curious, please can you drop me a line? I can tell you what the position involves. The process will be fairly straight forward – nominations are heard at the business meeting at this year’s conference in Sydney, someone acts as ‘returning officer’, nominees are asked to leave the room, and the remaining caucus vote for the incoming convenor, new convenor is paraded aloft around the town square. Have a think about it, and let me know.

Best wishes to all


For further enquiries about the position or to express your interest in the position, please contact Carol.

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