Save the Date: 7th Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference

The 7th Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference will take place in Torino, 8-9 October 2015 with a theme, Localizing Urban Food Strategies. Farming cities and performing rurality.  

The event is organised by Polytechnic of Torino, University of Torino, and the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

The choice of Torino as the venue of the Conference is due to the strategic role of the city and of Piedmont in the Italian and international foodscape, and to the proximity to other events organized in the same period, such as the EXPO 2015 (in Milan, at 35 minutes by train) as well as the event “Feeding the city” which will be opened by our Conference and closed by the UNDP “Third World Forum of Local Economic Development”.

The Conference will be articulated around 5 tracks: (i) Spatial planning and urban design, (ii) Governance and private entrepreneurship, (iii) Relevant experiences and practices, (iv) Training and jobs, (v) Flows and networks.

There will be a specific activity for PhD students and young scholars.

The aim is to involve planners, agronomists, designers, geographers, policy makers, activists and other experts engaged in the urban food debate.

Information about the conference and the submission of abstract will be available starting from 16 March at the conference website. For more information please send an email to

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