Launch of research project: Supermarket Power in Australia

A group of researchers from Melbourne have launched a website for a major research project on Supermarket Power in Australia.

This four year Australian Research Council-funded project is the first of its kind and aims to fill the gaps in the regulatory debate relating to the understanding of why and how the major supermarket chains have developed as they have, the strategies that have contributed to their growth, the impact that changes over time have had in the industry (including shifts in consumer needs and interests) and the various regulatory schemes that affect it – particularly regulation relating to competition in the grocery sector.

Undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of highly experienced researchers from law, business, regulation and sociology, the research will produce recommendations on instruments and techniques to ensure that regulation of competition in the sector is legally and practically efficient and effective, while remaining sensitive to social concerns.

Subscribe to their mailing list for developments and events. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Professor Caron Beaton-Wells or Joanne Paul.

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