Call for papers: Agrifood XXII

The organisers of Agrifood XXII are delighted to invite agrifood scholars, activists, industry and anyone else interested in critical issues in agrifood systems to submit papers to the 22nd annual meeting of the Agri-Food Research Network. The conference will take place in Qeenstown, New Zealand from Sunday, December 6th to Wednesday December 9th 2015.

Keynotes and Themes

Agrifood XXII will have three feature speakers – Annemarie Mol, Michael Carolan and Julie Guthman.

The four main conference themes are:

Mahinga Kai and Food Sovereignty: exploring the new politics of indigenous food as well as opening up discussion to wider issues in food sovereignty, local foods, food politics and activism and alternative agrifood systems.

Empires of Food and Political Economy: inviting papers that consider longer term imperial food histories and food regimes, or that seek to situate current food dynamics and crises within political economy approaches to understanding the place of agriculture and food within capitalist economies, globalisation, neoliberalism or international trade.

Pinot Noir and the Contested Global Countryside: Queenstown has become a celebrated case of the way in which elite and boutique foods (like pinot noir) have become essential elements of the ‘global countryside’. Organisers invite papers considering the relationship between food and new forms of economic activity in rural regions, tourism, alternative economic experimentation, new geographies of the rural and amenity landscapes.

Embodied Food and the More-Than-Human: reflecting the choice of keynote speakers, organisers invite papers that consider new approaches to agrifood theorisation that engage with the post-structural turn in agrifood studies, new materialities, assemblages, and more-than-human approaches. The organisers invite papers that explore these at any and every scale: from the planetary to the embodied.

While these four themes were chosen as being particuliarly relevant to a conference being held in a place like Queenstown, NZ, organisers invite agrifooders to also submit papers on any other issue of contempoary concern to agrifood scholarship. The organisers also invite agrifooders to suggest particular panels, themes or special sessions that they might wish to organise at Agrifood XXII. If you want to submit an idea for a special session or panel, please contact the organising committee before July 1st, 2015.

As is the tradition at these meetings, organisers invite papers from contributors both inside and outside the academy as well as urging scholars at all stages of their career to share their work at Agrifood XXII. Students will be eligible to either submit abstracts for full papers or, if there is enough interest, to present work in progress in pecha kucha sessions. Students presenting full papers will be eligible for consideration for the David Burch Prize that will be awarded to the best student paper presentation at Agrifood XXII.

Instructions for Submitting Abstracts

Length: 150-250 words
By: August 1st, 2015

For students submitting abstracts, please indicate whether you wish to present a full paper or a pecha kucha presentation. For pecha kucha presentations, we will accept a title and short abstract.

If you need a response on the status of your abstract earlier than August, 2015 for the purposes of travel planning, please let the organisers know and they will respond to you within two weeks of your submission.

We look forward to seeing you all in Queenstown!

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