Call For Papers: Brexit and the future of Agriculture, Food and Rural Society

Joint RGRG-FGWG Session for RGS 2017

Dr Gareth Enticott (Cardiff University)
Dr Damian Maye (University of Gloucestershire)

Session Details
Brexit poses the most significant challenge to the future of rural areas of Great Britain. In the short term, Brexit has highlighted the reliance of the food system on cheap migrant labour and the complex ways we are connected to Europe (market, regulation and policy links in relation to farming, food supply and trade, for example). Longer term, decisions and choices will be made on systems of rural development, agricultural subsidies and ecosystem services.

In this session we invite papers that engage with the rural impact of Brexit: what are its immediate social and economic impacts? What are the key rural policy and governance impacts? What do we know and not know about the impact of Brexit to agriculture, food and rural society? What kinds of rural geographies and futures does Brexit offer? What are the implications of Brexit in terms of research agendas and knowledge generation? And what is the value of rural geography and its expertise in a post-Brexit world?

In particular, we invite papers on the following topics:

  • The role of geographical expertise in Brexit
  • Conflicts and tensions following Brexit
  • Brexit and the potential impacts to farming and the food system
  • Post-referendum impacts to rural areas
  • Possible post-Brexit rural futures for agriculture and rural development
  • Experiences from other countries experiencing profound shifts in rural and agricultural governance (e.g. New Zealand)
  • Impacts of Brexit to rural areas outside the UK
  • Brexit, future research agendas and the future of rural geography


Conference sessions will take the format of 20 minute presentations
The session will also include a panel discussion

Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words to either Gareth Entcott ( or Damian Maye ( by 3rd Feb 2017.

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