Call for papers: Global Conference on Economic Geograpny, July 24-28, Cologne

Organisers would like to invite abstract submissions for presentation at one of the jointly organised sessions at the Global Conference on Economic Geography (GCEG), July 24-28, 2018, Cologne (Germany). 

Session Title(s):
The changing economic geographies of food production and consumption in the Global South – Implications for nutrition, sustainability, livelihoods and gender.

Session/Part I: Case studies from Asia.
Bill Pritchard (University of Sydney/University of Cologne)
Amelie Bernzen (University of Cologne)

Session/Part II: Africa and Latin America.
Stephanie Barrientos (University of Manchester)
Niels Fold (University of Copenhagen)

Economic geographers have much to contribute to debates on the social implications of rapidly changing food systems in the global South. Traditional own-production food systems in rural areas are giving way to more diverse agrarian landscapes based on production for markets. On the one hand, farm production is increasingly being incorporated into value chains in which downstream actors (such as supermarkets and global traders) execute key governance powers. These processes have crucial implications for farmer agency over land use and production systems, the role of labour within agricultural production, and the concentration of farm production. Additionally, food consumption landscapes in rural areas of the global South are being restructured by greater physical and economic accessibility of highly-processed foods, with ramifications for nutrition and the gendered expression of food preparation activities. This Session welcomes researchers working on diverse aspects of food production and consumption dynamics in the global South, including key themes such as value chains, diets and nutrition, gender, food environments, sustainability and the politics of food and environment.

Please submit your abstract online through the conference website between November 15, 2017 and March 15, 2018.

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