Call for Abstracts: Agri-Food XXVI

Due 30th August, conference organisers wish to encourage the submission of abstracts for presentations that explore the imminent horizon of agri-food theory. How is our work being re-territorialised? How are relational economies addressing the continued transformation of global capital and financial networks? Or you may be grappling with non-human. We welcome all submissions that provide insight to the continued work of the AFRN in helping to situate our growing understandings of agrifood systems.

Keynote addresses on food packaging by Professor Emerita Anne Murcott (SOAS) and on indigenous foodways by Dr John Reid (Ngai Tahu Research Centre) contribute to this focus.

The conference theme draws on the concept of territorialisation as introduced by Deleuze and Guattari (1980) in A Thousand Plateaus. Their conceptualisation recognised both physical (in terms of spatial boundaries) and conceptual (in terms of ontological and epistemological framings) aspects ton territorialisation. In both cases, the concept provides the means to interpret and articulate the emergent and never wholly permanent nature of the certainty and reliability that territorialising achieves. For example, production viewed (territorialised) as a ‘chain’ provides a valuable insight to agri-food worlds focusing on the social relations between specific actors. Efforts to analyse and explain power remain a consistent feature of social theories related to territory; how is power manifest in social interactions, who or what has the capacity to employ it?

Abstracts up of to 200 words are invited for papers or posters that fit within the special sessions listed here, or with the broader theme of Re-Territorialisation UnleashedPlease include paper title, presenter name/s and affiliation, as well as preferred session if applicable. Please send your abstracts via email and conference organisers will confirm that your abstract has been received. Acceptances will be advised in early September.

When submitting and abstract, please indicate a preference from the SESSIONS below.
Abstracts not aligned with one of the sessions will be combined within general sessions.

1. Assemblages and Ontologies in Agri-food Worlds
2. Postcolonial Engagements in Agri-food Worlds
3. “Protein politics: discourses, processes, and effects of the pursuit of new and
improved proteins”
4. Indigenizing Agri-food Networks
5. The Circular Economy and Agri-food

Click here for more information about the conference programme or session details.

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