Extension for Abstracts: AGRI-FOOD XXVI

Conference organisers encourage the submission of abstracts for presentations that explore the imminent horizon of agri-food theory. How is our work being re-territorialised? How are relational economies addressing the continued transformation of global capital and financial networks? Or you may be grappling with the non-human… We welcome all submissions that provide insight to the continued work of the AFRN in helping to situate our growing understandings of agri-food systems.

Abstracts up of to 200 words are invited for papers or posters that fit within the special sessions listed here, or with the broader theme of Re-Territorialisation Unleashed. Please include paper title, presenter name/s and affiliation, as well as preferred session if applicable. Abstracts not aligned with one of the sessions will be combined within general sessions.

1. Assemblages and Ontologies in Agri-food Worlds
2. Postcolonial Engagements in Agri-food Worlds
3. Protein politics: discourses, processes, and effects of the pursuit of new and improved proteins
4. Indigenizing Agri-food Networks
5. The Circular Economy and Agri-food
6. Managing Challenges to Agri-Food Sustainability: A Shared Responsibility Approach

1. Dirt Underfoot or the Wealth of Emergent Bioeconomies? ‘Regen Ag’ as the antidote to Anthropocene Crises
2. Managing Challenges to Agri-Food Sustainability: A Shared Responsibility Approach

Please indicate interest in workshops to agrifood2019@canterbury.ac.nz

Email abstracts, expressions of interest in workshops, and queries to agrifood2019@canterbury.ac.nz


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